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Paleo diet is the diet which our ancestors used to eat thousands of years ago. They were not having the luxuries which we are enjoying at present in the form of Fried chicken and Double Cheese burgers. They had no concept of eating fast foods. Instead they use to eat the fresh foods in the form of fruits, vegetables, sea foods, fish, nuts, seeds and meat, composed of all the basic constituents which one requires in his diet. Why shouldn’t we eat the way our ancestors to eat? Why shouldn’t we copy their lifestyles? Why we have turned our attention to the more unhealthy modern foods? These are the questions which we should ask ourselves and think over it.

Various researches have been done in this field and we have come to know that cave men and people belonging to the Paleolithic Age were not having various diseases such as diabetes mellitus, myocardial infarction, ulcerative colitis etc. They were enjoying a disease free life. The diseases have entered in to our society since they day we have changed our eating lifestyle, since the day dairy products and canned foods have taken place of healthy fresh foods. Although by adding spices and fats to these foods make them tastier but if we see from quality point of view that has really declined because it lacks the required constituents in proper concentration and proportion. Fats usage should not be very much in our daily routine or we should use substances rich in omega 3 fats which are helpful for the body rather than the dairy products which are composed of more triglycerides and LDL which can give rise to many health related problems.

There are a lot of misconceptions in people’s minds about adopting the paleo diet. People think as we are going aback in to the age of darkness. They give false statements that our forefathers used to eat that diet because they were not having the resources which we are enjoying nowadays. They were not having the food preservatives. They were not having today’s recipes book guides. Some would argument that paleo diet is too rigid and tasteless. Some would say that life is for enjoyment and one should all these foods and eatables whether good or bad. These are the people that need to be addressed. They should be well taught about the diseases which are related to the unhealthy diet. One should have a strong concept in his/her mind that eating more isn’t the only thing for which we are born.

Today’s man wants to be perfect but no one is ready to take the path that leads to that perfection. No one is ready to eat less or look in to his eating routines. If things keep on going in the way they are, then that day is not far away, that more dangerous and harmful disease than the ones which are already prevailing, are going to paralyze our society. Importance of human health should be talk of the town in this modern day and for that matter a lot of work needs to be done.

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