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Rose McGowan Plastic surgery Rumors

Rose McGowan Plastic surgery made her face appear very artificial; to be honest it made her unrecognizable. Rose McGowan was never that great as an actress, it was her looks and her father’s name that gave her all the high profile jobs she got in Hollywood. But after the plastic surgery and change of appearance she is not getting any jobs anymore. She is one of the few celebrities who openly talked about going under the knife, like Jessica Simpson she also regrets the decision very much. Rose McGowan boob job definitely happened earlier in her career. But we do not think she regrets that decision, because getting bigger boobs helped her in getting attention in Hollywood. The job was also done properly. It was the procedures that she did on her face later on her career and now she regrets about it. Her face looks very plastic nowadays. But since she is not doing any work it is her bad plastic surgery which is keeping her in the news, and she is also encouraging it as it is helping her in promoting her reality show.

Rose McGowan Needed To First Look At Her Own Face Before She Made Fun Of Other Women

Last year before Rose McGowan plastic surgery she made fun of Ivanka Trump plastic surgery and told the media that Ivanka Trump had no talent when she first auditioned for the show. Ivanka Trump however played civil and did not really react to Rose McGowan’s nasty comments, but some gossip magazines wrote that she made fun of Rose McGowan in private. She made fun of her all artificial looks.

Anyway Ivanka Trump was not wrong if she made a comment like that, today Rose McGowan has nothing original left on her face. Another thing is even her biggest supporter have to admit that Rose McGowan facelift went horribly wrong, so is Rose McGowan nose job, the actress regretted those procedures. Her marriage was also reportedly in trouble these days because of her addiction to plastic surgery. After admitting her regret about going under the knife so many times she also said that she now wants to do more plastic surgeries to correct her wrong procedures. She said she needs to enhance her beauty to boost up her confidence which became low when her husband Dean cheated with her.

Well if there is more Rose McGowan Plastic surgery then very soon people will start calling her Janice Dickinson. We wonder what she feels when she sees her old pictures or videos where she was all naturally beautifully. Her father was one of the richest persons in the world, after his death she fought with her mother about the property her father left. It seems last couple of years are not the best years of Rose McGowan’s life. But maybe with her money she may able to restore her natural good looks again.

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