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Why Can’t We Maintain Good Health

One fine morning while sitting in cafeteria, sipping coffee from my cup and looking through the windows at the pleasant weather outside, I noticed an obese man sitting on the bench outside eating burger. A bunch of school going kids was passing near him and as they come closer to him they start laughing at him and at his fatness.

The obese person felt very ashamed. He got up from the bench, threw the burger in to dustbin and hid himself in a store. I was noticing all this and suddenly I realized that I should be merciful for the health and good looking physique that I have right now.

Being fat and obese is related not only to over eating. It might be due to some genetic factors and chromosomal abnormalities. But in our society, obese people are often considered as degraded and careless people. It’s a general perception in most of the people’s minds.

The other man might be overweight because of some illness. It might not be his fault but still people don’t realize this fact. When obese man realize that he has become a joke for others because of his health he feels stressed and depressed which further leads to many illnesses. Although most factors that leads to obesity can be prevented, there are still few of them that are impossible to avoid.

A good physique is a great gift from our God. We should be thankful for His mercy because nowadays everyone tries his best to keep himself at bay from becoming overweight. In today’s fast moving world everyone wants to have a physique like famous wrestlers and athletes.

They just want to be like their superstars whom they see in the movies and sports. You would see most of our young generation in gym doing training and weight lifting in order to develop a good and attractive physique. There is also a concept in our minds that good physique and strong muscular body is found very attractive by opposite sex. Everyone wants to be looking more dashing and smart so that he can inspire more and more women.

The best age for developing a good body physique is between 15-22 years. It’s the age duration during which various hormonal changes occur in man’s life and the body mass increases as well at a very rapid during this age. So we have to work little more extra in making our body more good looking and attractive.

It also depends on our physical activities. We can see that individuals, who prefer to work with their own hands and prefer walking more than vehicle driving, tend to be more muscular and have well shaped bodies.


This all is due to the fact that they use their body muscles more and as result the muscle size increases. We should prefer exercise and doing physical exertion against lying and taking rest. After becoming strong, muscles tend to remain in same shape for the life time. It also protects our bodies from fat deposition and as result we can avoid ourselves from most of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, ischemic stroke and many more.

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